What is contact2culture?

  • contact2culture is an online learning tool to become familiar with the topic “intercultural communication”; it enables the individual preparation and follow-up of intercultural trainings.
  • contact2culture besteht aus 27 thematisch zusammenhängenden Kartenpaaren unter der großen Überschrift “interkulturelle Sensibilisierung”.
  • contact2culture consists of 27 pairs of cards that are related by subject and are all linked to the topic “intercultural awareness”.
  • contact2culture includes more than 80 questions that support the reflection on the 27
    topics. They are displayed online and are found as well in the accompanying workbook.

Why are there no “fix-it-all” solutions in contact2culture?


We would have loved to provide you with ”fix-it-all“ solutions regarding ”the Chinese“, “the Portuguese”, “the German”.


Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an “intergalactic book on etiquette”. We are human beings and as such unique – every one of us! Just think of members of your family or differences from region to region in your home country.


Luckily enough, there are subjects which are known to have a high “risk” of causing cultural clashes. We have selected the most important of those and connected them to self-reflexion questions. This will allow you to broaden your intercultural horizon and point you to potential “risk areas” in an international environment.


Enjoy a successful learning experience!

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