Fit for International Cooperation

Intercultural competence is a vital contributor to successful operations abroad.
The intercultural workshops, training and coaching sessions of compass international gmbh promote understanding of differences in mentality. A lack of background information on the culture of your business partners, clients and colleagues abroad can jeopardise the entire success of your overseas involvement. Inaccurate interpretation of behaviour leads to misunderstandings, and can mean the failure of negotiations and talks.
In an internationally orientated future, intercultural competence is a crucial competitive advantage.
Conflicts across borders within a company are reduced; indeed positive synergy effects evolve in the cooperation between multi-national work and project groups.
We create concepts for intercultural workshops, training and coaching sessions to meet your needs: no matter if this is for individual employees, families and groups of 10 to 12 people or large groups.
We offer such topics as:

  • Intercultural training focusing on a particular country or region
  • Intercultural coaching as preparation for a specific task abroad
  • Team development for global organisations or single working groups
  • International project management
  • Global leadership
  • Diversity Management

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